Here at New Vision Ministries we are a non-denominational church located off Clarks Creek Road in Lincolnton, NC.  At New Vision everyone has a past whether you have been here for years or just walked thru the doors.  There is nothing that God can’t fix if you’re ready to let him into your life.  We are here to help you seek him, find him & consult him with every part of your life.  We all come from different walks of life & that is what makes the world so wonderful.  God loves us all, we are all his children.  We are a contemporary church & we believe that you should come as you are.  It is not about who you are or how you dress; it is all about God & no one else.  No one is unlovable or unreachable.  Our church pours out our love to everyone who comes thru our doors, you are family.  We look forward to seeing you soon


To LOVE those that no one else loves. To REACH those who others deem unreachable. To EQUIP saints to do the work of God. To be FOUND FAITHFUL when Jesus returns for us.
Our children’s church occurs alongside our regular main services each Sunday.
We provide childcare during all services at the church. Feel free to volunteer! 
Youth services:
Wednesday @ 7PM
High School @ Youth Bldg
Middle School in Ed. Bldg
Sunday Night Collision @ 6PM
Middle and High School at the Youth Building
Musical? Good voice? Feeling called to be part of the worship team? Let’s do this!
The New Vision Care team is committed to providing prayer and support to the New Vision family during loss or sickness.
We sponsor three services per month plus we also personally sponsor inmates on a spiritual level in an effort to show them the hope and love that can be found in Jesus.
Women, join us on the 2nd Sunday of every month @ 6:00 pm.
Guys! We are standing with you. Get involved in our accountability group for purity! Meetings on the 1st Sunday of every month @ 6:00 pm.
Small groups are a great way to cultivate community with those who attend our services and those we are trying to reach outside our four walls. 
Our Fall Session has just launched with 8 exciting classes.  
We travel to and support missions in Honduras and Haiti. Get Involved!
Help spread the love of Christ throughout the community. It is our mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Senior Adult Ministry

Sunday class:  9:30AM in the education building
Our Senior Adults meet for a time of fellowship the first Thursday of every month at the church.  They also take day trips throughout the month.
We only get a few short years on earth. How do we make the most of the time we have and live a fulfilling and meaningful life? Is there a way to prepare for whatever comes next?
Living for eternity ultimately means one thing: walking through each day with Jesus, choosing to let that relationship influence your day-to-day decisions. It doesn’t mean following a bunch of rules. It doesn’t mean never having any fun. It means handing God the reigns to your life and letting Him guide you, love you, and introduce Himself to others through you. God loves you a LOT, and truly wants what’s best for you. You can receive the promise of spending eternity with Him, as well as a fulfilling and abundant life here on earth. All you have to do is ask Him, and He’ll give you the free gift of salvation and new life given through Jesus.
Society tells us that living for today is all that matters. If something makes you happy, then do it and don’t worry about the consequences. What society doesn’t tell us is that what we do here and now makes a difference in eternity.